Friday, January 4, 2013

10 weeks 2 days

Another good AWESOME ultrasound today. The little fella giving me so much grief the last couple weeks is just playing away in my belly, completely oblivious to the fact that I can't get anything down and feel like poop all day and all night and that its all his or her fault! :)

Baby was moving today! Not just the little head bobs we saw last time but straight up kicking and punching nonstop, just having a blast!

We are measuring right on track and the heartbeat was a steady 165.


I do have to go back in two weeks. I've lost a good bit of weight so they want to keep an eye on that. My OB called me in Zofran last week, it hasn't done a thing. So she's calling in something different and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it works at least well enough that I can start eating something half way healthy and keep it down!

Assuming there are no issues or setbacks I won't have another ultrasound until the anatomy scan! And I cannot believe this baby has made it this far and we actually have more appointments set up! Crazy.

I don't really have a good u/s picture to share today. Baby was actually big enough to see via abdominal ultrasound this time but the pics were really blurry so honestly you can see more on last week's pictures than you can from today's.


  1. That's great news, I hope you can get some relief and keep some food down soon.

  2. so so exited to hear/read/see the great news!!!!

  3. HOORAY!!!!! So happy for you!!!

  4. so exciting! I love good posts like this!

  5. :: High Five :: That's awesome! Keep growing, Art!

  6. I was just thinking about you! Blog regularly please or I get worried!!! LOL

    This is WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!

    So stinkin excited for you. Hope you feel better soon; I can really relate to feeling miserable during pregnancy. It's worth it, but it's hard.


  7. Yay! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  8. Oh my gosh I could cry!! So happy for you! Feel better soon!

  9. So happy everything is going well for you, of course minus the horrible morning sickness. I hope the new medicine does the trick and you feel better soon and that baby continues to grow!!


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