Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nursery reveal!

I haven't wanted to post any nursery pictures because I really wanted it completely done first. But now I'm impatient. Her rug won't be in for another month, maybe longer. And there's about 5 or 6 little things in the room that I need to touch up or straight up fix. But for the most part, if Laura Kate were to arrive tomorrow, her room would be ready.

Sheets, towels, cloth diapers, and clothes have all been washed and put away.

There's really not too much left to do before her arrival, which is good considering full term is just days away. Though I don't anticipate her arrival quite so soon! But who knows!

So I'll quit jibber jabbering and get on with the nursery pics!

This is what you see when you first walk in! 

Her dresser/changing table. The picture frames are one of the things I clearly need to finish! Though some will remain empty until she's here and we have cute baby pics to fill them with!        

The hospital wreath I made thanks to Pinterest. The picture frame isn't actually on the wreath securely yet, just being held on with a flimsy ribbon...but you get the point. 
The shelves her daddy made. 

Crib and mural I painted. 
Chest of drawers with her name above. Yep, I decorated the letters for her name. 

Close up of her name.
Her itty bitty closet...packed!
22 Cloth Diapers! Just waiting on a couple more for my "full" set!
The cutest hooded towel I've ever seen! 

Today's (36w4d) belly picture. Yes, I'm wearing the exact same top as last time. I can't tell much difference between the this one and the last one though.

Busted. Clearly, Liam didn't get the message that I literally JUST washed that sheet. Or that he still isn't allowed in the room. Or maybe I'm just now getting the message that he doesn't care! 


  1. laura kate's room is amazing!! i love her letters and the mural you painted is so beautiful. she will love it!
    and i LOVE liam relaxing in her crib...awesome! :)
    you are beautiful, mama! xoxox

  2. Oh my gosh Katharine, that is amazing!!! Now I feel bad that Sophie's room is so generic. Your little girl is very lucky! I love it!!!

  3. Everything looks beautiful! As do you! -Pgermain11 here btw. I've been blog stalking you ;)

  4. Love love LOVE your nursery! <3. And you look fabulous! :)
    We're only halfway there, but I'm trying to figure out how many CDs we want for our full stash... I think 25 - 30 is probably a good number. So cute! :)

  5. Oh my, her room is just perfect! I love all the personalized details like her name that you painted, the mural behind the crib, and the shelves her daddy made. The room looks stocked and fully ready for precious Laura Kate's arrival. Great job mama!!!


  6. Simple B E A Utiful!!!! This baby girl is so obviously loved :-)

    So happy for you!

  7. Such a beautiful room! I love all the thoughtful, homemade items! You're so close...she's almost here!!!

  8. Just gorgeous. Have followed your blog since the beginning and still get a big smile that all is going well. We've lost twin boys (late miscarriage), two stillborn girls and a two-year old girl to cardiomyopathy.

    Wisging you every blessing and happiness.

    Jo x

  9. I love the room! It's adorable. You look absolutely fantastic, Katharine!


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